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It seems to me his dating style could result from this.

They have the best roasted carrots, and my favorite tequila jalapeño drink. Before the date, Tim had a messenger deliver a cute note: “Me You x 40. He told me that when his mother got pregnant, his father made her choose between keeping the child or staying with him.

And they know which women are needy and desperate for a husband and they can put in limited effort to get her to give up her goodies. My father was a cheapskate and my mother worked 40 hours a week to help ends meet.

My father doled out his money with a clenched fist for household necessities.

If you think you’re worth it and you expect it, a man will rise to your expectations. When a man sets his sites on a woman, he will work hard to win her love and commitment.

When a man spends money on you, men don’t expect you to have sex with him immediately—but if he continues to spend money on you, he will eventually expect to have sex with you.

Video games (and cigarettes, booze, or protein powder) have never qualified as a necessity.

Didn’t anybody ever talk to him about being a responsible adult? Irresponsible for a serious conversation about how his X-Box will be rendered useless without a wall to plug it into.

As a teenager I had to beg my dad for money for a movie ticket, school activities and clothes.

His stingy, emotionally rigid temperament left me feeling dejected and unworthy.