Dating on earth 2016

This new age will contribute calibrating the geological time scale.

This is a photograph of the geological section across the Matuyama-Brunhes boundary in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. (b) and (c) Detail of a volcanic ash layer (Byk-E) just below the MBB in the Chiba section.

They examined the outcropping and immediately saw something intriguing: conical structures, just one to four centimeters (less than two inches) high.

They look like fossilized microbial mats — basically, pillows of slime — known as stromatolites, which are formed today by bacterial communities living in shallow water. These look like stromatolites,' " Nutman told The Washington Post.

Earlier in 2016, the globe had set a record warm mean temperature 16 straight months ending in August, the longest such stretch of months a new record high temperature was set for each respective month in NOAA's 137-year record.

All December 2016 would have to do to clinch the planet's third straight record warm year would be to match the average December seen so far this century, according to NOAA's report.

Every April 22 since 1970 we have celebrated Earth Day, a commemoration and day dedicated to activism on behalf of the environment.

Founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, it arose in the wake of the peace and civil rights movements of the late 1960s and Nelson’s own dismay at the pollution caused by an oil spill along the coast of Santa Barbara, CA.

Allen Nutman, a University of Wollongong geologist who has studied the rocks there since 1980, said one day he and his colleagues were working at the site when they spied some outcroppings they'd never seen before.

The formations had been exposed where the snow pack had melted — the result, Nutman said, of the global warming that is so pronounced in Greenland or of low levels of snowfall the previous winter.