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Author: Sam Jesse (@sam_jesse), Strategist, BBH NY.It’s hard to believe the Barn is turning four this summer.pending time with your spouse is crucial to your marriage.Remember all those years ago when you couldn’t stand a minute apart from each other? You came up with creative ways to be together and interesting things to do.We even expanded beyond our borders as the global BBH family embraced the Barn, leading to inspiring work from intern teams in London ( and Singapore ( The Barn is designed to empower these kinds of people.

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“Salecl is the author of Choice, a concise yet deeply insightful new read on the complexity of the human capacity to choose, drawing on everything from philosophy to pop culture to psychology to online dating.” — Brain Pickings You have a choice: You can read this blog post, or not. Or you can read one of 80 other blog posts from this conference. At TED we’re no strangers to the paradox of choice, but today Slovene philosopher Renata Salecl takes a different look at choice, chance and how they […] Continue reading The world order of centuries past is deeply in flux.

Are you tired of the same old Friday night dinner routine at the same restaurant?

Maybe it’s time to ramp up the old “dating brain” and create some crazy unique adventure.

Thus, our brains developed over time to be highly attuned to threats and negative stimuli in our world.

In your dating life, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of allowing your past to define your future.