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You can't beat that green-eyed monster from showing up every time your boyfriend mentions his ex's name (intentionally or not). Being in a new relationship can be happy and scary all at the same time.This can happen once, twice, or maybe, even more, times than you can remember; but, one thing is for sure, you can't allow this to go any further. You get to find that new guy in your life who can be your knight in shining armor, the dashing prince that sweeps you off your feet - all your hopeless romantic bliss coming to life.Men want to be strong, not vulnerable, and many feel they can't admit to having additional needs.If he senses you're too busy for, or not open to, hearing his desires, he'll stay mum—and miserable.So is your ex really a sociopath or a narcissist, or is he just acting out?Many divorce coaches agree that a person will take on these personality traits during stressful life changes and then revert back to normal once the stress is gone. If he's a true sociopath, there would have been warning signs at the very beginning of your relationship. For instance, he may have lied about his job, finances or family.She feels very vulnerable and thinks that you are out to steal her childrens father.I wish I had been able to see that side of things when I needed to.

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"Don't wait for him to bring it up because he probably won't."Whether he's the breadwinner or a stay-at-home dad, acknowledge his efforts, or your man may feel you take him for granted.) he also told me he likes dating women his age and him and I are 26 and she is 19.It's very unlikely that you're been a rebound girlfriend for this long.You'll know if he is completely yours or if you still have to compete with the shadow of the ex by keeping heed of the above warning signals. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and all but the meeting the parents one, and the Facebook status thing has been checked off.I looked at this because I recently found out that when I went out of town my boyfriend messaged his ex telling her he misses parts of her body and would like to get drunk with her on the beach and be intimate (with me he has a low drive for intimate relations and told me he doesn't drink, also he told me he hates going to the beach?