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She began dating Felix Kjellberg, AKA Pew Die Pie, in 2011.She and Felix Kjellberg moved in together and got two pugs named Maya and Edgar.And for the most part, their teammates are supportive of their sexual orientation. Brittney Griner was the #1 pick in the WNBA draft for the Phoenix Mercury.She's been turning heads her whole life, but not because of her sexual orientation.Calm down.’ “While the documentary was ongoing, she was acting like everything was fine.Only now is she realizing that a volcano is about to erupt and it will be a real s–t show,” the source said.

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He also is heard muttering off-camera, “What the hell did I do?

Robert Durst’s wife is “the mastermind’’ behind the oddball couple — controlling his real estate fortune and allegedly arranging for him to fly to Cuba amid a damning HBO documentary, sources told The Post.

Cutthroat Manhattan Realtor Debra Charatan “knew things were going to blow up before he was arrested’’ Saturday in New Orleans for the 2000 murder of pal Susan Berman, a source said.

She was a fan of Pew Die Pie on You Tube, so she sent him a note, and they developed a close relationship.

In addition to earning revenue from her You Tube videos, she walked dogs to earn extra cash.