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INTJ women hold one of the most flexible and interesting characters of all MBTI personality types.

By making up only ~0.8% of the whole human population, they are the rarest personality type.

When deciding on a dating activity, think of something that would engage them intellectually but in a social setting.

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I attribute most of that success to finding someone who was willing to put up with me.

I’ve always believed that if my life was crap, burdening someone else with the responsibility to relieve the crappiness is just a crappy thing to do someone. If one INFP is a vegan and the other INFP is a vegan axe-murderer, I don’t think that relationship is going to work out. Tell me your thoughts, if you relate or don't relate to what I wrote.

However, certain MBTI pairings make it easier with the day-to-day. Shanny on Healthy procrastination Wow I needed this! If you read the comments from other INFPs, you'll see how much we have in common.

What's it like to often surprise people, or shock them? "I was considered one of the guys," says Julie, ESTJ.

And the guys were the ones I did heavy-duty sharing with, not as feelings, but more as 'What do you think about such and such?