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I am trying to run the application provided at version) and using adfs as idp and followed all the steps given in the documentation. Assertion Consumer Service [email protected] for request URL https://localhost:8443/spring-security-saml2-sample3/saml/SSO based on location attribute in metadata - Authentication attempt using org.springframework.

i was able to reproduce the problem at my dev environment again: To sum things up: i ran the same test twice: when working with opensaml 2.6.1 XMLTOOLING 1.4.1 and XMLSEC 1.5.6 SAML test pass when working with opensaml 2.6.1 XMLTOOLING 1.4.1 and XMLSEC 2.0.2 SAML (which is CXF 3.0.3 versions) tests fails we debugged the code and we see that the difference is at and it fails to check the signature - i will send stacktrace tomorrow but here is a post from previous version which describe the same issue ... Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at PM, Colm O h Eigeartaigh (JIRA) the issue is as i wrote and you wrote again is that Open Saml 2.6.1 when working in your context is using xmlsec 2.0.Site Minder follows SAML standard and is SAML compliant yet sometimes it may become defficult to decipher the spec and apply to making two products (Site Midner Federation at one partner and some other product/implementation at the other partner).First one in the series is a simple SAML 2.0 POST Response as a result of the IDP initiated request and it is being posted in reply to this post.