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The video has provoked a lively debate on internet forums across South America and around the world.

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Not a lot of people know, however, that some of these celebs have their own dirty little secrets.Indecent exposure is a Class B misdemeanor unless the defendant is 18 or older and the victim is under 13, in which case it's a Class A misdemeanor.If the defendant is 18 or older, the victim is under 13, and the defendant has two or more prior convictions for any of these crimes, then it is a Class E Felony.She did not know about the alleged crime until police told her almost two-months later, the Downing Centre District Court in Sydney, Australia, heard.At one point during the 17-minute video, a man can reportedly be heard saying: “One by one we’ll all get a f***.” It was discovered by police during an anti-graffiti investigation, six weeks after the alleged attack took place.