Richard armitage dating sophia myles

Here are a few remarks I made in response to a post on Me Richard Armitage last December, when the topic was about his fame, his friendship with an actress and the fandom that goes with it.Saved them because I thought they could be used as basis for posts here, which hasn’t really happened.As we discussed already, Richard has kept information related to his live personal life as low profiled as possible, and he has not revealed any plans about getting married to his partner in crime Samantha Colley and make her his lawfully wedded wife.It seems like we just have to wait till the couple makes it happen.But it was a bonnets-and-breeches outing that gave a 16-year-old Myles her big break a decade and a half ago, when Gosford Park screenwriter Julian Fellowes spotted her in a play at her Isleworth comprehensive and cast the vicar’s daughter as Lady Jane Grey in his 1996 TV series, The Prince and The Pauper.“He’d come to my school because it was exam time and the private schools wouldn’t let their kids out to film,” explains Myles drily, who still keeps in touch with Fellowes. Parts followed in period pieces, Colditz, the Thunderbirds remake and the thriller Art School Confidential, which also starred John Malkovich.The gods were certainly on Myles’s side when a small part in Patricia Rozema’s acclaimed adaptation of Mansfield Park got Myles noticed in the US; roles that followed included playing Johnny Depp’s wife in the Jack the Ripper film From Hell. “Each film I’ve done has had an impact on some level; there’s nothing there I’m embarrassed about.” Myles continues to earn praise while flying under the radar, which is exactly how she likes it. I like to be able to sit in a café and watch the world go by and observe people.The minute you’re famous, all eyes are on you and people are reacting to you in an unnatural way.” But she’s discovered that it’s not easy being anonymous when your love life is gossip-worthy.

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well then she’s not so much of a rival but more a substitute for ourselves? Which then boils down to the whole issue of “if she’s a friend of his, and she’s a ‘normal person’ with half a brain, that means that by default, Richard Armitage would also get along famously with me, if we ever crossed paths” – which again, sounds if not creepy, at least it’s bordering on stalkerish. Now, how much I may gush about the guy online, I’m a (reasonably) sensible person offline, and wouldn’t dream of stalking a celebrity or get to the point of really believing that Richard Armitage and I would be BFFs if only we met. Likelihood of me ever getting to a point where he’d consider me a friend – none.

well, would I be interested at all if she HADN’T been seen together with Richard Armitage? She sounds like a nice person, and we get the impression that Richard Armitage is a nice person too, so sounds like they’re well-matched as friends. He’s a decent bloke, he wouldn’t be interested in one of those fake girls you see everywhere and especially in the glitzy world of showbiz, he wants a REAL woman! You go into it with the best of intentions and come out sounding more insane than you did going in! Like you say, we’re all real women, and just because someone has gone down the “surgically enhanced” route doesn’t make her into a machine or anything.

There’s still a living, breathing human being inside.

Parts followed in period pieces, Colditz, the Thunderbirds remake and the thriller Art School Confidential, which also starred John Malkovich.‘If I had a tattoo, it would say “Lucas woz ‘ere”,’ says the 39-year-old.

And maybe a couple of those ­comedy-tragedy actors’ masks.‘Actually, I wouldn’t want a tattoo at all.