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Also, an official software update that does not work with the clones has yet to be released. Block Script is security software which protects websites and empowers webmasters to stop unwanted traffic.Let's hope then that foreign releases will take less time to appear in Europe in future.The Wii Key was announced at the beginning of February 2007 and shipped at the end of the month.Other advanced options have more wires that need to work correctly and may even require additional switches for proper updating and various other functions.Pre-modded chips make it possible for DVD playback by inserting the necessary code into the Wii DVD drive’s firmware that forces it to read discs other than the Wii game discs and Game Cube format discs.The chip can then be updated through the use of a Setup Disc which can be downloaded from the chip's website.

Gamers can now modify their consoles to play homebrew software from a Secure Digital (SD) card.As a result of the wii hacking, any program that is loaded into the root of the SD card will run.The twilight hack using the “epona” horse save file is about the only safe way to do a sofmod to enable homebrew.The process can be complicated and requires many wires to solder into place.The simplest options for DVD playback require at least 4 wires to be soldered into place.