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James a grandi en Californie avec ses deux jeunes frères, Tom et Dave Franco.Il est diplômé de la Palo Alto High School en 1996.Detective Russ Agnew laments his police department's lack of funding and broken-down equipment, but it looks like help is on the way.FBI Special Agent Milt Chamberlain is coming to town to open a resident agency, as it appears his former field office in Detroit couldn't wait to get rid of him. Acknowledged in open court by John SQUIRES Indian King with Charles EDEN unto George TURNER. 50 acres commonly known by the name of the Reedy Island Neck.

The main actors visited Battle Creek, Michigan, in the summer of 2014 to get a feel of the location, people, and especially the police department.Offscreen, Dawson is pretty sure she’s found the right house at the right time.Located in the same neighborhood as her former home, her smaller bungalow-style abode is a refurbished 1888 home that was relocated from Normandie in Los Feliz to Bronson Canyon as part of a project sponsored in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s by the Los Angeles Times and the Home Planning Bureau of LA.In September 2013, Sony Pictures Television announced that it struck a deal with CBS to produce a new television series created by Vince Gilligan titled Battle Creek based on a script written by Gilligan ten years prior.Despite the name, establishing shots and location shots were not shot in Battle Creek, Michigan.