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“On Mondays I put the neck on, and then whatever else we’re wearing, and then I leave the neck on all week with little touchups with the tattoo pen, and then I reapply the arms daily …I usually wear the tats home and get a lot of surprise hugs and people who are like, ‘You are going to be okay.’” Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton enjoyed their characters’ big kiss.The cast of NBC’s tattoo-filled “Blindspot” was on hand Monday night at New York’s Paley Center for Media to discuss their hit series.“Today Show” host Hoda Kotb moderated a panel with creator and exec producer Martin Gero, plus actors Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza and Ashley Johnson, who shared juicy behind-the-scenes insight.The two gamely posed for the cameras together and at one point, Jaimie Alexander even jokingly held up her fist to pretend that she wanted to punch Sullivan Stapleton on the face.The actor was all smiles and rested his hands around her co-stars waist.is an Australian actor who is best known for his roles in the SKY (BSky B)/Cinemax/HBO television series Strike Back, Animal Kingdom and Cut Snake.

This time he was the lead character, Colin Mc Laren in Underbelly Files: Infiltration, an endurance test and the first challenging shoot of his career.

In this exclusive clip, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Roman talk shop about Jane's romantic life, showing that Roman knows what's important on this show and that he's connecting with all us fans who want to see her happy, or at least living a somewhat normal life.

What's great about this clip is that it shows the juxtaposition between these two siblings and how different their paths have been despite being inflicted with the same memory-wiping situation.

Jaimie Alexander, who plays the tattooed Jane Doe, leaves the body art on all week and as a result, gets hugs from sympathetic strangers.

“We’ve started shooting the season finale, so I leave my neck tat on overnight and it stays pretty well,” Alexander told the Paley audience.